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strong duct tape

Duct tape is tough and long lasting. You can use it to repair anything, from shoes to a leaky roof. It’s also a great way to upcycle old clothes into something new and funky. And by making a duct tape wallet or a phone case out of colorful duct tape, you’ll save money too!

It really is the best all-around fixer-upper there is.

To make a duct tape wallet use a soft, clean rag and rub away all the dust and dirt. You can also use a spray cleaner or laundry detergent to wipe away stains and dirt. Then give it a good hand-washing in warm water with dish soap.

Remove as much of the water as possible and let it air-dry where there is good air circulation (at least overnight). This will ensure your wallet won’t mildew and that no mold develops.

Rub a small amount of paste wax onto the wallet, then buff it out with a soft cloth. If some of the paste doesn’t come off immediately, let it sit for awhile and it will come off on its own. Pick up any remaining dust with a soft cloth.

To add some character to your wallet, you can vinyl tape ribbons and fabric onto it. This way you can make a duct tape wallet look like leather or suede. You can also sew on magnets or use clips to hold bills inside.

At this point, it’s ready to be used.

I originally made a duct tape wallet for my son, but after a while he complained that the tape was too thick. I found that the best duct tape wallet is one that is thin and flexible enough so as to not rip when opening and closing it.

Neato brand duct tape is thin, flexible and strong. The only drawback is that it’s more expensive than some other brands. It’s also sold in different colors and thicknesses. You can also apply a coat of clear nail polish over the tape to make it look more pliable, but I’ve found that this makes the tape brittle and makes it easily rip. This is actually an option I’m considering…

Duct tape wallets are not just for boys. In fact some girls use duct tape as a way to decorate their purses and clutches, too! Some creative girls even use duct tape to make their room look pretty.

Here’s an example of some duct tape wallets and phone cases that girls have made.

The creative possibilities with duct tape are limitless…You can make all sorts of unique, funky and useful accessories, trinkets, gifts and crafts for all the people you love. Check out the Pinterest boards below for ideas: Duct Tape Accessories and Duct Tape Crafts.

One of the best ways to add color to your duct tape wallet is with colorful duct tape. This way you can have a wallet that you feel good about putting into your front pocket.

If it’s not organic, look for a rubber-based adhesive instead. This becomes a two part process, where you first apply the adhesive tape and then close it up with the rest of the duct tape, making sure you get both sides and corners.