What to Know About Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pump works by transferring heat from outdoors to the indoors to heat or cool a building. The system has a condenser and compressor that makes it easy to absorb heat from the outdoors and release it indoors. Air source heat pumps Norfolk have become very popular today as it promotes green living. Many individuals and businesses are going green and hence the popularity.

These heats pumps are known for the many great features and benefits, such as reduced power bills. Also, these pumps can heat air and water, and to top it all; they require no major maintenance. They have a long lifespan and are also easy to install. However, besides these benefits, there are also many things you need to know about these pumps. Read on to find out.

How it works

If you are new to heat pumps, I am sure you are wondering how they work. Well, an air source heat pump works using the same concept as a fridge. The pump absorbs heat from outdoor or indoor, depending on whether it needs to heat or cool your space. For example, during winter, the pump will absorb heat from outdoors and heat your indoors. It can as well absorb heat from your indoors and to cool your space during summer.

How efficient are they?

If you are considering installing air source heat pumps Norfolk, it is important to want to know its efficiency. This pump is a modern device and works well, which means it will serve you for many years. If the heat pump is professionally installed, it can generate up to four times heat energy and consume less energy, making it very efficient and effective. Many industries and homes have embraced this technology to reduce bliss as well as conserve the environment.

How is the performance?

Most of these pumps are high performance. A good pump provides upwards of 4kw of energy for every KW used. The best part is that heat pumps are available in different sizes regarding the rating, and you can always get your perfect choice. Whether you need a heat pump for your domestic or commercial use, you can get a high-performance heat pump.


Now that you know what these pumps are, you need to save up and invest in them. They may seem expensive initially, but you will end up saving a lot of money. But before you proceed to buy an open source heat pump, be sure you know your needs. This will help you determine the ideal size. Another thing to consider is the supplier. Be sure to look for air source heat pumps Norfolk supplier that will guarantee you quality pumps at an affordable price. Many companies are dealing with heat pumps and so be wary of unscrupulous suppliers. Focus on finding a company that offers quality pumps at an affordable rate and also one that will give you a warranty. It is also helpful to look for a company that can as well deliver and install the system. Once the system is ready, you can smile, saving both money and the environment.