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The virtual classroom sessions are done through Facebook classes online. The students are given Facebook id and passwords to access online classes. The online class hours are highly effective for students with the help of teachers who conduct classes with the help of updated technologies. A separate session for question and answer sessions are effective for learners through virtual classroom. Asides virtual classroom sessions, one on one classroom sessions are liked by many learners. These sessions improve the students’ knowledge and preparing them for real tests of SAT and ACT exams.

The star tutor team has developed a self-study app namely StarU for the learners. The app is very effective for the learners by learning SAT and ACT syllabus whenever they need it. The StarU app may be downloaded by the students as per their wish freely.

The learners can get the live sessions of the instructors by a simple click. This app is gaining momentum among students who want to excel in SAT and ACT tests. Whatever the platform either online or in-person classroom sessions chosen by the students, the utmost attention by the tutors is assured. The in-person class hours are aimed at specialized attention to each student by the trainers. During these sessions, the students are taught with exclusive tests, questions, and answers on SAT and ACT tests.

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