A Reliable SAT Tutor: Jonathan Lotz

Introduction to SAT Tutors

Finding a reliable and experienced SAT tutoring service is one of the main keys to success. SAT tutors are individuals that are able to help students excel when they take their SAT exam. SAT exams are standardized and used for college admissions. The SAT is a timed test in which the student must complete all sections within the given time frame. Preparing for the SAT exam is very important in order to ensure students receive a passing score. Most students study anywhere from 3 months to 6 months in advance. This exam is very important as it helps to determine which colleges they will be accepted into. Each college/ university accepts varying scores on the SAT. For this reason it is important to find a reliable tutor if extra help is needed during the preparation process.

Most students need some level of assistance when studying for standardized exams such as the SATs. The main reason for this is because SATs feature a large quantity of information that was learned throughout the four years of high school and prior. For this reason students often need to brush up on some of the material they may have forgotten about. This is why Cardinal Academics works directly with students to ensure they are properly prepared with all of the information they need to pass their first time.

SAT exams are used in order to help students attend college with the highest score possible. Most students learn the information on the exam during their four years of high school. Some of the subjects on the SATs include english, history, mathematics, language and science. There are smaller subcategories within these 5 main categories. It is important for students to study each of the subcategories that will be on their exam in order to ensure they receive a final passing score.

Finding the Best SAT Tutor

Searching for the best SAT tutor and tutoring service does not need to be difficult or stressful. Cardinal Academics has the right resources and information to prepare students. Jonathan Lotz is the founder of Cardinal Academics. He initiated Cardinal Academics in 2004 with the intention to guide students through their academic career and provide reliable and consistent tutoring service for all grade levels. For this reason Cardinal Academics has been top rated amongst past clients and customers.

Finding the most reliable SAT tutor will ensure parents and students are able to adequately prepare for the exam. Tutoring services form Cardinal Academics can be scheduled around convenient times for the each student. Students typically have busy schedules and extracurricular activities, especially as they get closer to graduation. For this reason Cardinal Academics provides convenient study services and tutoring for students at their convenience.

Reliable SAT tutors are able to help students excel on their exam as well as other tests they may take during their college education. For this reason SAT prep is used far beyond the initial test and can be applied to all other exams.