High quality Glass doors with hinges

Traditionally doors were made from wood, plywood and plastic, yet these doors are not very durable and are easily damaged. Wooden doors are also attacked by termites and other insects. These doors are opaque and block the light in a room. Hence increasingly people are opting for glass doors for their residential and commercial properties. Specifically glass doors are extremely popular in shops, showrooms, hotels, and offices, since they allow people to get a glimpse of the items for sale, without entering the showroom. Many property owners prefer to install a glass door with hinges since it will require less maintenance and is easy to install.

Depending on the application, different types of glass doors can be chosen. In some cases, the users wishes to monitor a large area easily, and also allow light transmission, so the glass used will be completely transparent. In other cases, the glass door may be installed in the bathroom and bedroom, where some amount of privacy is required. Hence in these areas the glass door is made from frosted glass which allows some light transmission, while permitting complete privacy. The glass door can also be etched with human forms, geometric designs, flower patterns or other natural designs to make it a focal point of the area where it is installed.

The glass door is available in different sizes based on the door size. It can be used to replace the existing timber or plastic door, or for newly constructed properties. The maximum width of single doors is 900 mm and double doors are also available. If pivot type hydraulic hinges are used for the doors, the door width supported increases to 1200 mm. High quality toughened glass of thickness 10 mm is used for the glass doors. The toughened glass used conforms to all the relevant BS and other standards, so users can be assured that the glass is safe and will not crack easily.

Handles are provided for the glass door so that the door can be opened and closed easily. The handle may be fixed horizontally or vertically and are of different sizes. The handles are available in different finishes like polished chrome, satin stainless and others so that it will not get corroded or rusted, even it is used daily by a large number of people. Adjustable hinges can also be provided. Though most of the installed doors are rectangular in shape, it is possible to provide doors in unconventional shapes like rounded tops or with arches if required.

For making a glass door, the staff will first measure the dimensions of the place where the door will be installed. Then a glass door will made accordingly and installed by the trained staff, so that it fits perfectly. The engineers at the company are well trained, using the latest technology, materials and equipment to ensure that the glass doors are fitting the opening and there are no large gaps. Go Glass Design is a reputed supplier and installer of a wide range of glass products, which was established in 1978, and is one of the top rated glass companies in UK.