Etching metal jewelry

Photo etching process is one among the best used techniques for the finishing of complex metal components and metal jewelry. Usage of photo etching process can provide a wide range of advantages in manufacturing processes. Easiness in making complex design is a key advantage of using photo etching process. Photo etching process is a top used technology in ornament making industries. It is generally used to make traditionally designed jewelry with complex designs. Finely polished and unique design with superb quality is one among the main advantages of using photo etching process.

Photo etching process can be used in vivid metals like nickel, copper and brass so as to make finely finished ornaments as per the requirement. Apart from the above specified metals, molybdenum can be also used in photo etching process. Labor charge for the making of complex metal parts will be higher for manual works when compared to that of techniques like chemical etching process. Introducing processes like chemical etching in metals can reduce the amount of money spend on labor cost. Apart from the advantage of saving money, photo etching process can be also used to save time in manufacturing process needs.

Versatility in metal designing can be directly accomplished in ornament making by making use of chemical etching process. Photo etching processes can be done within a short period of time by following simple steps. First and the foremost step done during the photo etching process is covering of metal with photo resist material. This photo resist material covered metal sheets are imprinted so as to get a CAD image. Unwanted parts of the metal sheets are removed and then applied with ferric chloride so as to get the finely tuned etched metal. These metal sheets are finely tuned and can be used for the making of ornaments with full flexibility.

Designing of traditional works in ornaments require great care and attention to attain the best results. Hence many among the experts are making use of etching metal jewelry to promote their businesses. Complex metal parts used in industrial purpose can be made easier by undergoing chemical etching process of metals. Finely polished surface within a short period of time is a main advantage of using chemical etching process. No tooling equipment can provide superb quality results like photo etching process of metals. Retaining the property of metal plays a great role in preserving its quality in results. Etching process assure complete retaining of metal property that guarantee superb results.